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Fight Back Against a Hostile Work Environment

Harassment in the workplace is a major problem across many industries. Whether it is your supervisor who is harassing you or it is your employer who does not do enough to stop harassment by your coworkers, harassment is absolutely unacceptable and should not be tolerated.

If you feel that you are working in a hostile environment or have been subjected to harassment or sexual harassment, our employment law attorneys at Hughes & Goldner, PLLC can protect you. We work with clients in West Virginia and North Carolina to determine if you have a claim and represent you every step of the way.

We offer representation to clients who have faced the following in the workplace:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Age or gender harassment
  • Harassment for their sexual orientation
  • Harassment because of race or religion
  • Hostile work environment

What is Considered a Hostile Work Environment?

A hostile work environment is defined as one in which incidences of unlawful workplace harassment have occurred that affect the victim's ability to perform in their job. North Carolina's definition of a hostile work environment also includes incidents of discriminatory speech or conduct in the workplace.

A work environment can be unpleasant due to conflicts with co-workers or a supervisor. Simple disagreements, however, are not unlawful. If you are being treated with hostility or are facing constant discrimination, this may qualify as a hostile work environment if the motivation is based upon a protected characteristic.

Charleston Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment is the most common type of harassment in the workplace. This includes unwanted sexual advances, comments, and promises in exchange for sexual favors. It can also include a workplace where offensive, unwelcome sexual banter is severe or pervasive in your workplace.

The two main types of workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Quid Pro Quo - A promised or implied positive or negative action on employment decisions based on an employee's acceptance of sexual advances, i.e., a supervisor firing an employee for refusing to provide a sexual favor
  • Hostile Work Environment - Unwelcome sexual conduct that renders the workplace uncomfortable or intimidating to the employee

Sexual harassment that creates a hostile work environment covers a variety of situations. Examples of inappropriate conduct that can be considered workplace sexual harassment include:

  • Commenting on the physical attractiveness of employees or other persons in front of an employee
  • Making sexual jokes or sharing lewd anecdotes
  • Circulating sexual media through the workplace
  • Suggestive communications through text or email
  • Unwanted sexual or romantic gifts
  • Spreading rumors of a sexual nature about an employee
  • Asking about an employee's sex life
  • Unwarranted or repeated intimate touching
  • Making offensive comments in regards to an employee's gender identity, gender presentation, or sexual orientation

You should promptly report sexual harassment to your employer. It is unlawful for an employer to retaliate against you for doing so.

Reach out to Our Charleston Attorneys for Protection Against Harassment

It is important that you retain competent employment counsel who can distinguish between an unpleasant workplace and unlawful harassment. It has been proven that fear of retaliation within hostile workplaces affects your morale and productivity.

Our Charleston workplace harassment attorney is here for you if you are working in a hostile work environment and wish to file a suit. Contact us today at (855) 217-2599.


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